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One of the most important meetings for canyoners – RIC – is happening in less than a week at the district of Catalunya – Pirineus, RIC2023.CAT, considered to be one of the most interesting destinations for the sport. Only in 1 hour and 30 minutes drive to the north of Barcelona, the base camp is located in the town of Sant Joan de les Abadesse. A place than can combine canyoning, beautiful nature, tradition, history, relaxation, exploration and much more.

The canyons

According to the website of the organizers most of the well known canyons of Catalunya – Pirineus are in a distance of 31 – 53 km: “Torrent de la Corba”, “Freser Superior”, “Gorges de Núria”, “Salt se Sallent” and “Torrent de les Cavorques”.

The weather

Climatic and aquatic conditions ensure the best combination. According to the weather report there will be sun and high temperatures on Sunday 25th, while starting Monday 26th there will be sun and rain up to Saturday the 1st. Nevertheless, there will be weather forecast reports daily at the secretariat of RIC2023.CAT.

The participants

The organisers of RIC2023.CAT had a goal: to enroll as many women canyoners as possible! So, recently they reported already 65 women participating in the meeting – being a woman canyoner myself, I have to say it makes me proud to know.

The workshops

Many canyoning workshops are going to happen during RIC2023.CAT, making difficult to decide in which ones to go. For more information, should you go to the meeting, you can follow the official website: and the Facebook page:

Graphic Design for RIC2023.CAT

Graphic designer and famous canyoner Pepe Barranco (Bena) took care of the optical communication, t-shirt, banners and more giving his personal touch to the designs of RIC2023.CAT.


We would like to wish the very best to all participants of the meeting – safety first!
We hope that everyone will enjoy their stay to the fullest!




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