Canyoning or canyoneering is described as an extreme sport which combines walking, hiking, rappelling – abseiling, jumping, swimming, scrambling and adrenaline seeking. Very easy or extremely difficult, remote or near, forming narrow gorges or open waterfalls, dry or full of water, canyons are everywhere on earth!

Canyoning is getting to be a part of your life once you start following it. It becomes a challenge – your brain is working intensively – your body is responding to the technical descents with the absolute joy of a naughty kid who wants to have fun jumping in the water, down-climbing and hanging on a rope, overlooking amazing scenery of rocks, forest, water and sky! All the gear is making you crazy – you want the best hardware – you start exploring what is ideally suitable for you. Ropes, helmets, wetsuits, special shoes, packs, metals, books, maps, techniques, new friends, new needs, new destinations!

We know exactly how you feel! Canyoning is our passion – it all started May of 2000 and we still enjoy it like it is only the beginning – looking forward to more safety and fun as canyoning popularity increases.

We created aiming to work as the first canyoning portal for canyoners all over the world, to share major canyoning events happening around, news, videos, master techniques of all associations in a global range, photos and tips.