Canyoning is an extreme sport in nature better practiced after serious theoretical and physical education with professional instructors. Beginners trying to get into canyons are highly advised to follow professional guidance by authorized canyoning guides. Canyoning is a sport that can lead to death if certain attitude and techniques are not taken into consideration. is a portal that offers valuable information and tips on the sport. Also we promote various events in a worldwide range for all canyoners in the world, their families and friends, as well as new members in the canyoning communities of every country on the map that has mountains and canyons.

To participate in the canyoning activities promoted in our portal you are obliged to agree and follow our terms in order to stay safe and healthy during a canyoning descent. We hold no responsibility what so ever if you get even slightly injured or put yourself in the outmost danger.

Canyoning is the most amazing sport in nature where each person is responsible for himself yet for all the members of the canyoning team at the same time. Therefore, take a minute to read our events participation terms when enrolling for a professional, guided event promoted in our portal:

• Inform the persons in charge for any health issues (ex. a bad knee, a weak heart, fear of height, asthma, allergies, panic attacks, low sugar, etc.)
• Provide the leader with a medical certificate for participation in similar activities.
• Enter the activity if you are a swimmer and moderately fit. If you cannot swim that good just inform your leader.
• Be insured in a public / private insurance company. In the case of injury no claim is made by the organizers of the canyoning descent.
• Always cooperate and apply the instructions given by the leader of the canyoning descent.
• All participants assume responsibility for their personal security.
• Weather conditions and the condition of the canyon according to its water flow or other factors are essential to respect. So, coordinators of the canyoning descent have the right to make changes. If the planned route is not safe for the group it can be changed and all participants must comply. Safety comes first.
• Guides and professional team members escorting the descent are managing the rope rigging and assisting all participants to enter the rappels. They are not responsible for any injuries during moving and trekking inside / outside the canyon.
• Should there happen an unforeseen physical hazard like an earthquake, a landslide, falling of rocks, etc. that can cause a deadly incident, there are no demands from any of the canyoning team members.
• As written all over our portal, canyoning belongs to dangerous, extreme sports in nature and everything is possible in such an activity.
• The organizers always inform about the safety factors and are not responsible for any incidents during diving, swimming and sliding in the canyons.

I read and accept the above terms and wish to participate in the canyoning activities promoted by