portal is dedicated to the extreme sport of canyoning which is descending dry or wet canyons, rappelling, downclimbing, scrambling on rocky formations, swimming, jumping in pods and sliding in waterfalls. It is a very risky yet very exciting sport in nature. It is a sport that will expose you to various dangers and experiences that include:

  • Visiting countries with different laws and regulations may be lacking when compared to laws you may have at home. Also, the infrastructure (transport, medical assistance and hospitals, emergency services, etc.) may be lacking in comparison.
  • Visiting remote and isolated places where one must be physically, mentally and psychologically strong and ready to perform at ones best. Support and assistance might not be always readily available.
  • Being exposed to incidentsin nature such as hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, flooding etc. These phenomena might happen in locations in which there is a canyoning descent. The fact that canyoning is a sport taking place in a remote location of some of the events compound the impacts beyond the natural occurrence itself.
  • Meeting new people is a cool thing while travelling. Nevertheless, one needs to be cautious not to be exploited by locals or foreign participants. promoted events professional canyoning guides companies all over the world take all reasonable measures to ensure safety and amusement. Please read this document just to have in mind some more information to enhance your personal safety and enjoyment while travelling for canyoning abroad.

Useful tips

  • Make a set of copies of your travel documents in case you lose them. If occasion arises you can show them to the proper authorities. Photos in your phone and scans of the documents sent to your personal e-mail is also a great idea.
  • Inform your embassy for your travelling plans, so they can support you if needed.
  • Alternate your insurance or add extra terms for a potential injury or accident. Some of promoted events professional canyoning guides companies add extra insurance terms for a small amount of money. We highly advise you to buy it.
  • Inform a trusting member of your family or a friend about your trip and leave a copy of your travelling plans behind with all necessary names, phones and accommodation details.

Medical Formand necessary medicines

Take a few minutes and please fill the Medical Form. Be thorough and true. This will help promoted events professional canyoning guides companies to give you the assistance you might seek and allow them to give special attention to those who need it.Please be very careful not to forget a sufficient amount of your daily medicines and supplements. You might not be able to find the same in a foreign country. If you are a woman expecting your period to occur while on the canyoning trip have all necessary sanitary items and painkillers with you from the beginning, as you might not have the opportunity to purchase them.

Moving around

Be prepared to experience different types and forms of transportation that might include risks. Going on a canyoning vacation includes the possibility that you might have to take a plane, a train, a bus, a taxi, a boat and a different vehicle than the one you are accustomed to. When travelling around it is best to have all important documents and stuff on you. There are various bags and purses for that use in the market.

On a plane:• Try to listen to the instructions of the flight attendants even if they are boring and you have heard them a million times. • Flying and too much alcohol don’t match. • Keep your seatbelt fastened when seated to protect yourself from turbulence. • Mark the nearest emergency exit by sight and by counting the rows, in case of a lighting reduction. • If you feel disturbed by something communicate nicely with the flight attendants.

In a train or a bus:• Know the location of your exit. • Mark your stop. • Be alert and aware of distractions to protect yourself from thieves. • Be careful not to twist an ankle as entering and exiting.

In a taxi or Uber:• Prefer to let your hotel call you a taxi than wave one down. • Be attentive to your belongings should you have to exit quickly. • In case of emergency leave your bags behind. • You can run faster without them and you will be able to replace them soon. • Make sure you are in a legitimate taxi or Uber car.

On a boat:• If you get seasickness take medication some time before embarkation. • Always pay attention to the safety instructions in case of emergency. • Know the position of your lifejacket. • Have one hand free as you move around in the boat to hold on something and help your balance. • Use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

In the trunk of a farm truck: Many times, to reach the entrance of the canyon, promoted events professional canyoning guides companies might use local farmers with big 4X4 trucks. Everybody must sit in the back, sometimes loaded with the canyoning backpacks, ropes and stuff. • Be prepared to get bounced as the truck is moving on the rocky roads towards the canyon. • Brace yourself, try to sit as comfortably as possible and before departure ask the approximate time of travelling in that position, so you can protect your back, your legs and your butt – lol…

Hotels, Airbnb, Rooms, Camping

The place where you are staying has the closest feeling to your home. Nevertheless, a little bit of attention to some tips might save the day. • Always keep an eye on your bags as they get transferred from the vehicle to the lobby, your room or your tent. You might get robed when many people move around.  • Make sure you lock the door of your room, apartment, have a locker on the tent’s zippers. • Don’t let strangers in without asking for their identity. • Know how to call for assistance in case of an emergency. • If your room has a safe, use it. If not take all your valuables with you. • Don’t lose your key. • Be careful not to slip in the bathroom.

Walking, exploring, making new memories

A thief is a thief everywhere in the world. Try to protect yourself by using commonsense and enhance your personal safety while walking, exploring and making new memories: • Know your location at all times, use your Google maps smart phone app. • Dress practically and simply not to stand out as a tourist. • Try not to ask just anybody for directions, be cautious. • Don’t walk in dark and remote streets. • Keep your beloved camera discreet. • Be very alert when taking money off the ATM and put your cash safely in your pocket without showing the fact that you are carrying it. • Better not to wear expensive jewelry. • Wear your bag or backpack in the front of your body where you can see it to protect it from a pickpocket. • Try to travel with friends and not alone, especially in dangerous countries. • Have a card or a note with the address of your accommodation just in case you need a taxi to take you back there.

Enjoy life

Sometimes people get anxious to new experiences. Canyoners are adventure seekers mostly. So, when visiting new countries for canyoning take care of yourself physically. • Prefer a bottled water even if the tap water is drinkable. • Refrain of much alcohol and types of food you are not used to. • Protect yourself from the sun. • Have some easy medicines handy in case of a headache, toothache, stomachache, diarrhea • Relax when feeling soar. • Treat an blisters, get a massage if needed, get some sleep. • Don’t get into fights with locals, let things slide and move on. • Be extra careful in the canyons, in good terms and cooperation with your canyoning team members. • If you are single and unexpectantly fall in love have definitely a pack of condoms lol – you never know, you might get lucky J