is a portal dedicated to the extreme sport of canyoning (a pure adventure in dry or wet canyons with easy, moderate or very demanding routes where one needs to hike, rappel/descend waterfalls, swim, dive and slide).

We are very much interested in what is happening in the canyons around the world!

If you are a passionate canyoner like us, have nice information to share, photos, videos, personal experiences of local or international canyon descents we LOVE to hear, read and watch them! will gladly upload your story, but in order to do so we will need your full data, so both our parts can be protected by GDPR:

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• Small Description. (What led you to become a canyoner? How many canyons and in which countries have you visited? Which are your favorite canyons? How old are you? What is your status? Cutting the long story the intention of this short description is actually to get to know you as best as possible, to be able to introduce you to our readers)

Please always have in mind that is a portal only about the sport of canyoning in an international level:

• We are not involved in politics
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• We promote love and respect for nature, humans and canyoning all over the world
• We embrace diversity, equality, human rights
• We consider all canyoners of the world as members of our global canyoning family
• We promote peace, understanding, safety
• We want to live our life to the fullest, enjoy our passion for the outdoor, have fun rappelling, sliding, swimming, trekking and laughing like children

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    Social Media Links (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, etc.)

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