Advanced, Canyoning


Nature is a pure miracle so are all creatures living in the forests, on the rocks and in the water of all canyons. Insects, frogs, water snakes, spiders, dragonflies in various colours, bees and small animals are considering the canyon we are descending their home. Therefore, we need to be careful and respectful while canyoning with our friends – especially when we are a large group.We prefer to walk on the banks and rocks of the riverbed, in order to avoid walking on the bottom of the river, as much as possible. Usually eggs of various species are laid in shallow water and on the bottom so we need to protect them. We respect water, flora and fauna.

In some canyons there are swimmers, fishermen and river dwellers who share with us the same recreation area. Respecting them shows team spirit. We always take our garbage with us – we only leave footprints. We respect the predetermined access and return times, we do not move in fenced areas, if there are bars we close them again. We leave our vehicle in places provided for this purpose. Most important we respect ourselves and our team members. Canyoning is all about fun and having a good time with our friends. Problems of any kind that might bother us is best to be left behind when starting canyoning. Couples should make up families can leave all differences for later – and experienced canyoners need to have a better understanding for beginners. After all, we practice this amazing extreme sport for the best memories and smiling photos with our fellow canyoners. Respect becomes you!

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