Privacy Policy

Reservation ProcedureOnline

In order to complete your online reservation as a guest of a third party website you are asked to give personal data. The administrator (controller of the booking system) is asking you for your data to proceed to your reservation.

Automatically Received Data

We get data automatically such as: date and time of accessing our system, IP address, location,browser that is used,device,software that is used in the device or computer, pages that are visited and clicked and from which website someone came to our system.

Various Other Sources Provide Data

Other websites integrate with our booking engines that collect data about reservations that are completed. The administrator (controller of the booking system) is using them for managing purposes.

Sharing Data With Others

We use a third party e-mail provider to avoid e-mails going to spam. Your personal data are shared with other systems just to complete your online reservation and in some cases for managing or accounting purposes of the administrator. To successfully secure your transaction we must share your data with banks and online payment gateways.