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Cover of the book Canyoning dans le Péloponnèse & en Eubée

A new book about canyoning in Peloponnese and Evoia, Greece is now available at Canyon Zone website here:

Author, Philip Van Den Berge, took the initiative to put together all the canyons he has visited in the area into a really nice book, full of information and vivid images. The list consists of total 51 canyons, spread in a wide district: 6 canyons in Evia, 3 canyons in Central Greece, 4 canyons before the Corinth Canal, 34 canyons in Peloponnese and 4 canyons in Kythira.

Facing pages with canyons in the book Canyoning dans le Péloponnèse & en Eubée


Philip, who has been descending canyons in numerous countries and is actually in love with Greece, collaborated in the past with very well known local caver/canyoner Giannis Farsarakis, who has discovered and secured many of the canyons in the book. 3 more Greek canyoners assisted: Nikos Pagkakis, Stathis Lichoudis and Brettos Sklavos. Stéphane Coté – Caracal helped with the topos and Yann Boyer with the language. The book is published in French and we are looking forward in the second edition – when the time comes – with translations in English and maybe Greek (?!).



“Canyoning dans le Péloponnèse & en Eubée” is very practical for canyoners who want to visit the amazing land of Peloponnese and spend an easy 15 days canyoning vacation along with the sea, the sun and Greek hospitality. The part about Evia is also great, with canyons just discovered and secured in the recent past. For the canyons in Kythira one can also purchase the book by Yiannis Bromoirakis at, which is dedicated to the island canyons.



One detail that could also be added to the second edition – having in mind that for some canyons could be a bit challenging though, as there might not be much feedback on the matter – is the year of first discovery and the names of the Greek and foreign canyoners who descended each canyon for the first time. Giving acknowledgement to our canyoning family members is something that my romantic heart holds dear, I have to say.


Printing a book about canyons takes a lot of effort and time! So I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who worked to make “Canyoning dans le Péloponnèse & en Eubée”  come true. Great job, amazing photos and valuable information. Well done!

Some of the canyons (and more) in Central Greece are also to be found in the book by George Andreou:

Plan your next canyoning vacation to Greece! THE canyoning paradise!