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Fédération Internationale de Canyonisme (FIC) started in 2003 for the love of organising an international canyoning festival. “Rassemblement Internationale de Canyon” (RIC) were organised annually but in 2014 canyoners from France got together with canyoners from all over the world and formed a new association by the title “International Association of Amateur Canyoning” (IAAC) dedicated to recreational canyoning – described as “amateur” in French law.

After a while and as more members, legal systems of other countries and languages were indeed challenging the Association, the name was changed from IAAC to FIC – in English: “Federation for International Canyoning”.

To become a member of FIC you must be a recreational canyoner or a recreational canyoning association. Professional canyoning guides or associations are not allowed to participate.18 countries are already members of FIC which are in alphabetical order: Algeria, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, Zambia and the USA.

Mission of FIC is to:

• Facilitate networking of canyoners around the world in order to exchange relevant information about canyoning.

• Develop canyoning at an international level.

• Support actions of canyon associations with their political, legal, administrative and economic institutions.

• Develop a deep respect for nature.

• Develop scientific knowledge in the practice environment.

• Establish a common reflection on the canyon techniques, training and rescue.

To read more about the Fédération Internationale de Canyonisme (FIC) visit the following link: and Facebook page:

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