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A canyoner in South Korea

One of my dreams as a canyoner is to visit South Korea for unique canyoning vacations. I am a great fun of Korean food, soju and Korean Netflix movies. So, surfing around for more information on the subject, I came across the following website, Facebook page and Instagram profile:


Winter months January, February and March are very challenging for a canyoning descent. Icy conditions, frozen streams, chances of snowfall, dry and cold environment are ideal for hiking but not that friendly for canyoning.


The season starts at the beginning of spring in April with the first cherry blossoms. May is much more comfortable with better water temperatures and fresh air from the green mountains. June might give some low water levels yet the weather is nice and warm without high humidity.


Rainy days start in July where high water flow makes all canyoners looking for waterfalls. Hot and humid August can be aa torture in the cities but a great time to be in the canyons. The cool running water temperature is pure bliss and offers fun and release from the heat. As time passes, there comes September, still hot but with cooler days, pretty nights and awesome canyoning conditions.


One of the best months to go into canyons in South Korea is October. Red and yellow leaves on the tress create amazing sceneries for unique hiking but the need of a 5mm wetsuit is essential. Winter is coming slowly – slowly so be prepared for some chilly descents. In December there are no canyoning tours, as water and environment temperatures drop to become uncomfortable. However, it is a great time of the year to experience hiking tours around the mountains. The leaves fall and the weather is very dry.

And winter again

Other than canyoning during winter a guided Ridge Climb can offer a canyoner the thrill of steep and exposed trails with ladders, ropes and bridges, scrambling on rocks (sometimes exposed and challenging) or even some vertical climbing.

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