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The Belgian Union of Speleology (UBS)

Was founded on the 24th of November 1984 as a non-profit organization in the field of speleology. Today the union expand their activities apart from speleology to climbing, underground diving and canyoning, uniting clubs from the Walloon region and the Brussels-Capital region.

Main target of UBS is to defend caving, to protect the environment and the places where it is practiced in Belgium. However, canyoning is still gaining in popularity therefore UBS has established a commission to promote the practice of canyoning according to the rules of the French Canyon School (EFC). The commission’s objectives are tailor-made programs to expand technical knowledge of canyon progression, practiced with safety in various canyons in Europe. The Belgian Union of Speleology (UBS) is an official member of the Fédération Internationale de Canyonisme (FIC).

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Canyon Team Vlaanderen (CTV) vzw

From 1980 on, a large group of cavers and outdoor activities lovers started to get to know the activity of canyoning. From 1986 canyoning in Belgium was taken into a new level by the French Caving Federation (FFS) and still training for canyoning is linked to FFS certificates.

Old and new generation canyoners were brought together in 2006 creating the association Canyon Team Vlaanderen (CTV) which organizes specific canyoning courses. Initiator courses are based on the French Canyon School programs. Canyon Team Vlaanderen(CTV) is also an official member of the Fédération Internationale de Canyonisme (FIC)

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Canyoning in Belgium and elsewhere

This blogspot is dedicated to canyoning in Belgium but also offers information on canyons in other countries as well. Rich content and photos can help you decide about your next visit. Enriched with maps and grades of difficulty will surely be supportive to your canyoning team’s goals.

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