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Professionals with the same passion for canyoning gathered together in 2011 and created a model for international organisation of canyoning practice: ICOpro. Main purpose of the organisation to develop canyoning throughout the world by training canyoners to become instructors and professional guides in affiliated centres.

ICOpro philosophy follows the same principals all over the world:

• Development and encouragement of an international professional network of experts.

• Creation of affiliated centers focusing on safety.

• Improvement of quality standards.

• Interaction of all canyoners deeply involved in canyoning development.

• High standards canyoning trainings.

• Full range of canyoning courses with qualification validation.

• Following of the progress of each student-canyoner and all affiliated centers.

• Helping participants to advance their skills quickly and efficiently.

ICOpro training pedagogy worldwide is based on six steps:

• I learn.

• I know.

• I experience

• I am a master

• I learn to teach

• I train

During the training courses canyoners get familiar with a variety of techniques such as:

• Progression and rescue on rope techniques

• Progression and white water rescue techniques

• Victim assistance techniques

• Progression during the day and at night

• Pedagogy and psychology applied for supervising

• Teaching pedagogy and psychology

• Personal psychology (work on oneself)

• Sportive physiology

• Physical and mental preparation

• Team work – Communication – Organization – Coherence

• Meteorology – Mapping – Topography

• Geology – Hydrology – Mineralogy

• Deontology – Ecology – Environment

• Institution – Regulations

• Management – Administration – Marketing

Canyoning is an extreme sport that is gaining in popularity all over the world and new canyoners are entering the canyoning community each year. ICOpro, representing the professional opportunity of canyoning, is giving the option to many participants, in many countries with amazing canyons, to find a professional direction through their favorite sport. If you want to read more about ICOpro and explore the working opportunities of a professional canyoning guide you can visit: and Facebook page:

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