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Two canyoners having fun abseiling a waterfall

There is nothing more desirable for a canyoner, than a positive canyoning adventure. Weekends are just fine. But setting off, with canyoning mates, for a multiple days canyoning trip… is a dream come true! The best part of canyoning adventure is having the closest members of you team playing around and organising. If your significant other is a canyoner too, you can spend some fun days together and enjoy every minute of it.

Choose carefully the best location and time of the year. Start an upfront planning of your canyoning adventure. The weather, as you know, is one of the most important factors of success. Be very picky if the forecast is giving many days of rain and a humid weather. It can totally mess up your mood during the trip. Speaking from a personal experience, there is nothing more devastating than staying in your tent for days, not being able to visit the canyons of your dream, nagging and spoiling your canyoning adventure.

Always have a backup plan!

If your plan consist of taking a plane to your favorite place, have more than one backup plan in case the weather turns bad. The same stands if you need to travel by 3-4 cars as a group. Look for alternative activities like caving, trekking and sightseeing in the territory. Go to and see what is worth visiting, while waiting for the rain to stop and the canyons to be friendly again. You might be pleasantly surprised. Better to miss a couple of descents than put yourselves in danger caused by anticipation.

Canceling your canyoning adventure

If you want to reserve participations in professional descents ask about the cancelation policy of the canyoning company to secure a refund. Also, if you need to rent your equipment – rather than loading everything and creating an overload – make sure to choose the best provider in the region, who will offer you relatively new gear than old and used. Should you decide to proceed to the canyoning adventure without a local guide, have always in mind, that you need to have at least a local canyoner backing you up, for security reasons.

Travelling and planning a canyoning adventure can be more than fun! It will bring all the group members together and precious memories from your trip will stay in your mind forever. Just one important thing, no matter what happens, try to keep yourself and your mates safe and sound. Evaluate the situation and make it an unforgettable, joyful experience.

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