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Monday 18/10 was supposed to be a free day, so we could sleep a little bit longer and relax out of the canyons… Well, you think so??? A couple of people stayed in the hotel but the rest decided to do something new: canyoning LOL!!!

My team was trying to find a canyon with water so after almost 1h30 we ended up to Kavousi II at Keratokampos. I don’t think I have laughed so much lately – the pools were dirty and smelly, the rocks slippery and the carabiners were burning up LOL!!! But we had so much fun!! Everyone had to get in the brown water yelling and swearing in 5 different languages (use your imagination on that detail).

After a descent of 1h45 we got all out and managed to rinse your clothes and gear at the village fountain. And then one of the cars would not start so we had to push it LOL!!! And that was Monday – our canyoning free day 🙂

As we came back to the hotel other teams were returning as well. Even though there was no water in the canyons the beauty of the land and the shapes in each Cretan canyon we visited the last days was worth the try 100%.

See you all tomorrow!

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